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Outlaw / Stoner Rock

Hot, nasty, sweaty stoner licks that rock you from head to toes from the inner heart of Portland’s Rose City. Much like their contemporaries, The Eagles Of Death Metal, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, & Jack White, Stolen Rose is always adding on to their layered sound focused from the core of their power trio stance, while paying respects to their old school 90s LA roots from Velvet Underground to Motörhead . With Lyrics that speak directly to the soul, a hearty dose of hard driving dynamic grooves, and plenty of fiery hooks to stick in your head, Stolen Rose is constantly solidifying their place within in the Pacific Northwest and the world at large. 

Chief vocalist and songwriter Penny Pape leads the charge with a swagger of thoughtful, raspy, grit-strewn vocals, detailing the inner struggle for peace and spiritual vindication through her bawdy stance and authentic, nuanced country drawled delivery.

John Saint Angelo adds a double scoop heaping helping of raw, bombastic low end power with the magnetic prowess of his root down bass skills with the brazen energy of a pirate king on a rum bender—maniacally laughing and balancing out their signature double vocal mesh style while locking down the twisted, rattling grooves of their trademark sound.

Stolen Rose’s relentless tribal drum sounds are pounded and rounded out by their drummer Jeff Blackburn who provides the emphatic backbone blasts of sunny energy required for each ounce of their premium, thoroughly toasted stoner-blazed Americana rock ‘n roll. Pack a bowl and hit play.

In addition to Stolen Rose being seasoned purveyors of their craft, each member has been critical in helping shape, nurture, and keep the torch of rock ‘n roll alive and well through their DIY efforts of creating shows, magic, and hugs wherever they play.


Penny Pape –  vox / guitar

John St. Angelo –  bass / backup vox

Jeff Blackburn – Drums