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Metal / Rock

RepresA is an up and coming hard rock/nu-metal trio that has quickly gained critical acclaim in the Sacramento area for their unique style, powerful lyrics, and explosive stage show. RepresA brings something altogether new to the landscape of metal and progressive, atmospheric melodic hardcore. An antithesis to the enslaving hegemonic social devices and constructed narratives, RepresA’s lyrics and attitude strike deep into the heart of the rhetoric of our myopic American narratives. Bypassing the simple and obstinate for a cathartic reach that pries its fingers into the terrain of our minds to replace grief and panic with a balance of home and inspiration that must be experienced to be believed


Formed in 2011 in Newcastle, CA. After years of playing shows, lineup changes, and a hiatus, they reformed in 2017, RepresA now have a solid following of old fans and new. With Tony Mena on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Chris Madga on Bass, and Noah Bingaman on Drums/Vocals, RepresA is better than ever! Experience there unique expression through sociopolitical lyrics and a fusion of multiple genres