Standup / Comedian

Dax Jordan is a renowned stand-up comedian, writer and actor transplanted back to Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon after getting a rainy education. In addition to a handful of minor film and tv appearances, Dax has been a touring comic for over 13 years. After taking the time to methodically choose his label, we are proud to say he chose No Pants Records to release his full length “#1 Grandson” with only mild litigation!

His comedy stems from his brilliant wit and impeccable timing, often called upon to write for others as well, such as at the 2014 International Press Academy Awards show. His routine spans from hilarious life observations to the wacky and clever shenanigans he is known for

Dax's good looks (or as he calls it, 'smart looking'), flawless delivery, and ability to think quick and funny on his feet have made him a fan favorite around the country. In 2010 he placed 3rd in the Seattle Comedy Competition, beating out winners of numerous other contests around the United States. In 2012 he was runner up in the Ventura Comedy Festival Competition, where he was awarded the first place prize of a recording contract anyway on the strength of his performance